Our stalls give you a chance to come and see our products “in the flesh”, to read the packaging, to get ideas for what else you could buy to try out, and to meet us face-to-face.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, all church services and therefore all stalls are currently suspended. Why not order online and have a delivery to your doorstep instead?

At other times, we run stalls after the service at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Lee (SE12 8NR) and after the service at St Peter’s Church, Lee (SE12 8HQ).

The default pattern is to be at the Church of the Good Shepherd on the first Sunday of the month, and for the all age service on the second Sunday of the month; and to be at St Peter’s for the all age service on the third Sunday of the month.

But lots of things can vary the default pattern – changes to the dates of all age services, our holidays and other activities, etc.

Please see the calendar on the churches’ website for upcoming dates.