“Not all fair trade is created equal”

All the products we are currently selling are supplied through Traidcraft.

What’s Traidcraft?

Traidcraft is one of a small number of special companies. These companies have fair trade at the heart of their business model. They go far beyond just selling products which carry the Fairtrade Mark.

Traidcraft was founded in 1979, one of the pioneers of fair trade. Its mission has always been to fight poverty through trade.

Traidcraft was instrumental in setting up the Fairtrade Foundation. This is the organisation which is responsible for regulating the use of the Fairtrade Mark on products in the UK.

Traidcraft trades with poor and marginalised producer groups. It helps them to develop skills and sustainable livelihoods. Building long-term relationships with the suppliers is a core part of its business practices. It strives to create relationships which are both supportive and stable. It works with over 100 producer groups in more than 30 developing countries.

Traidcraft continues to innovate. It is constantly extending the range of fairly traded products which are available in the UK. It currently has 450 fair trade food, craft and textile products for sale.

Traidcraft has 120,000 customers. Its annual turnover is approaching £20 million. It demonstrates that it is possible to run a successful business on fair trade principles. It proves to the business world that trade doesn’t need to be exploitative to be successful. It encourages other companies to think responsibly about their own business processes.