We deliver to your doorstep in the Hither Green and Lee areas of London.

Home delivery is free.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the total cost of food in your order needs to be £2.50 or more. At other times, the total cost of your order needs to be £2.50 or more.

Where practical, we deliver by bike or on foot, so we get some exercise while taking care of the environment.

We usually deliver in the evenings.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are using the following procedure to help keep us all safe:

At home in the evening, we will wash our hands and then pack your order into a paper bag. We will then place the paper bag into another bag (either a tote bag or a bike panier).

The following evening, or as arranged, we will wash our hands and then come to your address. We will place our tote bag or panier on the doorstep and open the bag. We will then ring the doorbell and step back at least 2 metres. When you answer the door, we will tell you to lift the paper bag out without touching the outer bag. You may need to give it a good shake to get our bag to drop off. Our bag will drop to the ground – this is fine. After you have closed the door, we will retrieve our bag.

Please contact us if you want to check that we can deliver to your address.